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We understand that technology can be overwhelming. That's why we offer customized, user-friendly solutions that help you streamline processes and increase efficiency.

Schedule a call with us today to discover how the latest AI technology other than ChatGPT can transform your business. During the call, we'll provide a quick overview of the possibilities and ask about your most pressing pain points to offer tailored solutions on the spot. If you're interested in delving deeper, we can book a comprehensive analysis session to explore how our smart solutions can help you save time and money, streamline operations, and stay ahead of the competition.

Smart solutions...

Organize your business knowledge
We specialize in gathering and organizing your business information to create centralized LLM knowledge bases. We analyze and format your public and, when needed, internal private data by scanning your website and documentation (PDF, TXT, XLSX, etc.). We also conduct recorded Zoom interviews that we transcribe and add to your business dataset.
Empower Your Customer Service
Leveraging your dataset allows your AI assistants to be more than just a virtual chatbot - it's your business's personal helper. It understands your unique offerings and answers client inquiries accurately and efficiently, saving you a ton of time. Clients can chat with your assistant on your website, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other chat platforms.
Task and Process Assistance for Your Team
Tailored internal agents trained on your data can be used to streamline operations, sales, and marketing. These internal chatbots are designed with built-in assistants that are customized for specific tasks like creating content, analyzing data, lead generation, and providing easy access to information for staff, making better-informed decisions.
Connect & Automate the Software you Already use
Have you ever wished that your software tools could talk to each other? With software integration, that's exactly what you can achieve. By connecting your existing software applications, you can save time and reduce manual data entry, which means fewer mistakes and more accurate information. You can also integrate with your AI agents.

Ask Anything to our AI Assistant

Have a question about our services? Want to find areas to cut down on repetitive tasks? Our Customer Assistant is here to help! Chat with our AI to get instant answers and personalized recommendations. And if you ever want to speak with a human, just ask – we're always here for you.


Start Automating your Business with AI for €49/month

(+ AI consumption)

1- We will build you an AI Customer Service Agent (Chatbot) trained on your business data starting with your website.

2- Deployment on your website with a personalised WebChat with your logo and colors.

3- Monthly updates and monitoring as your business data evolves.

Important: This is more than just having a chatbot on your website. It's the first affordable building block to start engaging with AI and automation. Building upon this foundation, we'll together identify workflows and tasks in your business that could benefit from additional AI tools. Increase your productivity, lower your costs, and gain a competitive edge – consequently keeping you ahead of your competitors and connecting you to the new AI-driven world that is in front of us. 

Extended Smart Solutions 

List of tools we can build on top of your AI assistant
(€49/Mo + Custom Quote) 

Click on a question and talk about it with our AI agent


About Us

Innovation runs deep at Globespirit. Founded by Mat Pendle, a lifelong innovator and pioneer in the water sports industry, we're passionate about harnessing cutting-edge technologies to solve your real-world business problems.

We live and breathe the AI revolution, constantly exploring its potential to transform businesses. Our mission is simple: to make AI accessible and actionable. We translate complex AI solutions into powerful tools that boost your efficiency and give you a competitive edge.

With decades of experience understanding business pain points across various sectors, combined with deep technical expertise, Globespirit is your partner for navigating the AI landscape. Let's unlock the power of AI to streamline your operations, enhance your customer experience, and drive your business forward.

Ready to ride the AI wave? Contact us today and discover how we can turn AI into your superpower!

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